Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Army for sale ^_^

I have put an Ork army up on ebay ^_^

Bid here: EBAY

It is full of conversions, including cloaks on a unit of shoota boys, gas masks on a larger unit of shoota boys, custom built grot bombers, 3 cute custom built objective marks (inclusing forge world gretchin) and many other finishing touches that make this army unique.

I am a massive fan of free hand details, and this army showcases this, with badmoon icons drawn on the vehicles and squiggoth mount.

This army contains rare metal models- including a hard to get hold of retro metal painboy, metal pirate runtherder and nob with power klaw.

A beautiful addition to the army is a forge world Ork Squiggoth.

I made 4 custom blast markers to use in the game to mark where vehicles explode, which are always complimented on during games.

The army has been magnised to fit into two managable cases, one metal case which has been customised to not only fit the vehicles, but also match the army, and a cardboard KR case- both are included in this lot.

The full lot contents is:
1x Metal carry case
1x KR multi-case
2x Battlewagons with deff rollas
12x Loota boyz
17x Shoota boys with gas masks
8 x Shoota boys with cloaks
1x Squiggoth (with kannon)
1x dakkajet
18x gretchin + Metal Runthurder
10x Nobz
2x Custom built grot bombers
1x Metal Nob with power Klaw (very rare model)
1x Warboss
1x Metal Painboy (rare retro model)
2x Big shoota boys
2x Flamera boys
3x custom built objective markers
4x custom built blast markers for exploded vehicles

All of this RRP's over £400 new, so grab yourself a bargin and a new army without the hassle of assembling/painting.

Feel free to message with questions.

Happy Bidding!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Pathfinder models


So this weeks offering, is some models I painted up for my pathfinder character (Halfling Druid- with a wolf familiar and a bag of tricks (rust)).

Since the models will be used a lot and most likely get bombarded with dice, I've given them a rather thick coat of varnish, but despite this, I'm still happy with the final result.

The models I used are from the reaper range, though the druid was converted using skaven plague priest and woodelve bits.

Here are the photos:

Leopard and wolf familiars (pathfinder)

Ferret and black cat familiars (pathfinder)

Bat and eagle familiars (pathfinder)

Halfling druid with quaterstaff and blowgun conversion(pathfinder)

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Relics: Britanan Empire


So on my painting table this morning is a Britanan Empire army for the game system 'Relics'.

I painted:
The commander: Royal Arcanum Guard
Trooper company
Grenadier company
Highlander company (my favourites to paint!)

I really enjoyed painting these models, and found the scale and design's a nice change from 40k. I painted these for upcoming demo games at Sheffield Wargames Emporium and am looking forward to testing out the Relics rules. When I have, I'll post a review and maybe a mini battle report.

In the next week or so, I'll be painting up a Vaettir force to play alongside the Britanan's, so keep your eyes peeled for that update as well ^_^

Here are some photo's of the Britanan's:

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Blood Axes


So after a long break from blogging- I'm hoping to start regularly updating again. I've been painting lots of projects (including an Orc Blood bowl team)- so I have lots to blog about.

Today I'm sharing a Blood Axes army I painted as a comission project. I'm pretty happy with the result- it looks like a fun and cohesive army, I just hope their owner likes them!

Here are the pictures:

Hope you like them! I'm happy to answer any questions about how they were painted :)

More soon!

Bell of Lost Souls


So while browsing the internet for space marine rumours, I stumbled across Bell of Lost Souls- which just so happened to have an article about me on their news page ^_^

To have a look at the article click here.
A bit random, but a nice suprise!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Dice Bags!


So amidst exam revision/essay writing, I've been turning my hand to making dice bags.

The bags have a round flat bottom (so they stand upright), hold oodles of dice, have contrast stitching and come in a range of colours. They are sturdy and durable.

At the moment I have: 
1) Camo with black lining
2) Black with camo lining
3) Blue with black lining
4) Black with blue lining
5) Red with black lining*
6) Black with red lining*

Custom bags are available, but the prices of those will vary (depending on the price or the fabric).

PM with orders/more information

Here are some pictures:

Here are some example's of a custom made bags:

Monday, 21 January 2013


At the weekend I stubbled upon a box full of my old (half finished (but badly started)) Deathwing and decided I'm going to re-paint them and make use of the models.

Together with the contents from my Dark Vengeance set I have more than enough models for a 2000pts army.

I hope it will make a nice change from speed painting Orks and The Hobbit boxset (the latter turned out to be oddly tedious- I'll post photos of this project soon).

Here is dude No1 (inspired by recent weather events :D ) (NB apologies for the crappy phone photo):