Thursday, 29 March 2012

An Empire Distraction

Happy Thursday everyone :)

Today I thought I'd take a bit of a trip down (a non-Ork-y) memory lane.

I had a long break from fantasy, and when I got back into it after ~5 years the Army i choose to do this with was The Empire. My reason for this was the conversion potential and the love of steampunk artwork. The theme I chose was 'Insect Steampunk' (which was justified by fluff). It was heavily converted, using a lot of greenstuff and tin-can. I speed built and painted the army (<4 months) for a Tournament in 7th ed, and despite the rushed paint job it bagged 'Best painted army'.

So here are a few pictures:

Army view:

Some mechanical insect cavalry:

Steam snail:

The Wizard:

I have loads more photo's of individual unit's/close-ups, if requested I could do a more indepth post.
Hope you haven't minded the non-ork distraction! More Ork's soon I promise :)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Morkinator

Today i thought I'd upload some work in progress photo's of my Epic Super Stompa, The Morkinator:

1/ I began by making a pear shape with milli-put. After that had dried I made a head from a landspeeder sensor and guns from various Ork-y bits (a big shoota and a grot prod, and a shooter). I made the feet from space marine shoulder pads and plasti card and stuck on spikes and pannels from the battlewagon kit:

Front view:

Back view:

2/ Next I added more pannels from the battlewagon kit and an imperial fists pannel. I then began adding pannels of can, building up layers. I made these can-pannels from a standard Pepsi can, cut into various squares and rectangles. I pressed a drill bit into the corners to make indets to look like rivets:

Front view:

Back view:

I kept adding the pannels until all of the milliput was covered.

3/ I primed the Stompa black and painted like the rest of my Epic army :):

And The Morkinator was ready to take pride of place in Big Mek Thud-ock's Stompamob:

If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I plan to do a painting tutorial at some point too.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Uzfang's Epic Horde

So as my second blog entry, I thought I'd showcase my 2000pts epic army. I plan to showcase individual units as seperate post's (including work in progress Superstompa building), so this is more of a teaser :)

Warlord Uzfang:

Da Blue Baron's Bommers:

Mek Thud-ock's Stompamob (inc. Da Morkinator)

Kult of Zooom

Big Mek Iron-rust-klaw's Brigade:

Tiny Tinz Boomwagon and Rustklawtress

Uzfang's Horde

The rise of Uzfang Skarbad Dakanob Rotz

I thought the best way to begin this blog would be with a little bit of background associated with my Warlord:

“Gork and Mork smashed me in da ‘ead. Twonk’d me skull with a big killa-fist. I’m workin’ for da Godz now. Me. Bigga and betta than Ghazghkull. ‘Iz time is done. Godz are bored of ‘im and day ‘av sent me to gava up da Boyz n Nobz n go on da mission. Day ‘minded me dat Orks is ment to conquer and kill. Leave noffin not dead. Death to anyfink dat walks. Noffin’ gonna stand in da way. We’re Orks an’ we iz gettin’ whatz ourz back. I’m Warlord Uzfang Skarbad Dakanob Rotz an’ I iz gonna stomp da ooniverse flat for da Godz. And I iz gonna use a whoppin’ big titan to do it. ”
Inscription discovered on an Imperial baneblade wreckage by Inquisitor Ravenor, Fulcrum sector.

Uzfang began in Warlord Dramlockz’ Deathskullz ranks on the small world of Ruk. Even for an Ork, Uzfang’s growth rate was exceptional, quickly progressing from the Boyz to the Nobz. Excelling in close-quarters fighting, Uzfang often threw aside his weapon favouring biting, and his signature move: ‘Neck twista- feet flaya’. Admirably aggressive and never far from a good fight, Uzfang started to get a reputation as an Ork worth having around if you needed heads ‘bashed in’. However, despite being a good fighter and a fast grower, as far as Orks go, Uzfang was relatively unremarkable. This was, until his accident.

During a particularly vicious raid upon an Imperial fleet, Uzfang's left arm got ripped off from a well aimed bolter shell. Enraged, Uzfang charged forward, blinded by fury and stepped straight into a swinging Killa Kans lunging fist. As he lay in the dirt, fellow orks ran over and he drifted in to unconsciousness and began to dream. Uzfang saw the great Ork Godz, Gork and Mork appear before him. He saw their magnificent forms, Gork foaming at the mouth with unadulterated brutality, and Mork grinning maliciously. In the dream Gork and Mork spoke of great battles and an abandoned Titan lying in wait for Uzfang to find it. They promised glory and more battles than any ork could dare hope for, and they told Uzfang he should be the leader...

When Uzfang woke, madly grinning and he sprinted forward to join the battle. As he fired his slugga wildly ignoring his missing limb, head-butting any enemy that came close, ploughing through the enemy, he yelled ‘WAAAGH’ so hard and loud his lungs began to ache. A trail of gory slaughter followed him as his kill tally soared. Assured that he had been blessed, he vowed with a un-characteristic resolution to fulfil the destiny Gork and Mork had shown him.

Once the raid was finished, as a reward for his combat prowess, the Ork medic Rotlung Gorgob, restored Uzfang’s bloody stump with a skull crushing metal claw. During the ‘surgery’, Uzfang told Rotlung about his dream. Rotlung, a devote Mork-er, vowed to assist Uzfang in his mission and suggested launching a clan WAAAGH. Shortly after, resulting from a quick, treacherous and brutal chain of events, Uzfang fought his way up the clan ranks to become Warlord. Uzfang’s fellow Ork’s respected him for his brutality and courage, and began to believe his claim of being blessed by the Godz. Not since the great Ghazghkull had any Ork had such vision, determination and a ‘knack’ of making other Ork’s to join him. Though Uzfang did have one this Ghazghkull never had, a promise of a Titan.

Shortly after Uzfang became warlord, the Godz smiled upon him once more by sending a huge and impressive space hulk, ruminants of an Imperial pilgrim ship, close to his small raiding fleet. Quickly the hulk was conquered with Uzfang's boyz gleefully purging it of its Tyranid load.
Cruising across the galaxy, smashing into all that dared cross its path, Uzfang’s Skull Smashin Deathskullz left a bloody smear. Slowly rumour spread, and more Orks felt the pull of Uzfang's simmering WAAAGH, and joined the fleet as it crashed though their path.

Despite Uzfang having no control over the hulk, he had complete confidence the Godz would take it where he needed it to go to fulfil his destiny, and place the Titan within his grasp. Seemingly invincible Uzfang fought off enemies trying to invade the hulk, or those that ventured too close, bolstering the faith his boyz had even more.

Heads full of promises of glorious battles, impatiently the Skull Smasha Orks waited upon the hulk, until finally, after months of small battles with roving fleets, the Fulcrum Sector came into view. As soon as Uzfang saw the landmass, he knew. He felt a rush in his veins and a primordial pull. Declaring it the Godz plan, Uzfang launched his assault, the Skull Smashaz blindly crashing onto Rapture, leaving the rusk of the hulk behind, ready to kill and feast.