Sunday, 29 September 2013

Pathfinder models


So this weeks offering, is some models I painted up for my pathfinder character (Halfling Druid- with a wolf familiar and a bag of tricks (rust)).

Since the models will be used a lot and most likely get bombarded with dice, I've given them a rather thick coat of varnish, but despite this, I'm still happy with the final result.

The models I used are from the reaper range, though the druid was converted using skaven plague priest and woodelve bits.

Here are the photos:

Leopard and wolf familiars (pathfinder)

Ferret and black cat familiars (pathfinder)

Bat and eagle familiars (pathfinder)

Halfling druid with quaterstaff and blowgun conversion(pathfinder)


  1. Hello.
    You were modest when you said you didn't have mad skills. These photos may turn out to be the final push that sends me into a life of financial ruin and super-glue-ruined-fingers.

    So thanks.

    From James, that guy from earlier.

    1. Ha! Thanks James. Financial ruin and glued fingers is pretty fun, so I advocate it.
      The Sheffield Uni society (if you ever fancy geeking out in public):