Tuesday, 22 May 2012

BFG Brute Ram Ships + 3000pts Epic

Hi Everyone,

 Today I have finished 5 'converted' Brute Ram ships for my Homemade Battlefleet Gothic Ork army. To build these (on my low budget) I used jet packs from the Ork stormboyz kit. I had this kit lying around already and I figured I could use the stormboy bodies for some special looking orks so they won't be wasted :) Here is what the stormboy sprue looks like:

Here are some pictures of my finished Brute Ram ships:

Here they are alongside my Battleship:

Also, on Friday I played a 3000pts game of Epic. It was the first game I'd played with my Gargant. It resulted in a draw and was loads of fun. I used the game as an excuse to take a 3000pts army shot:

More soon!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Battle Fleet Gothic: Hammer Class Battlecruizer

Hi everyone,

At the moment I've been work on a Battle fleet gothic Ork fleet. Due to lack of funds I want to make this as cheap as possible.

So far I've finished a battleship (Hammer Class Battlecruizer), and have started some brute ram ships (which I will blog about when the are completed).

To begin with I hit my local Modelzone shop and hunted down some kits to use for my fleet. I bought a Conflix kit (£6.99):

This was the only Conflix kit the store had, so I snapped it up. I have pictures of the sprues included in the kit, if your interested, ask and I'll PM them to you/add a sprue post.

I also bought a Revel Long Beach boat kit which was in the sale (£4.99):

Armed with a load of new bitz, and my exisiting bitz box, I started to kit bash a Battleship.
I wanted my ship to look like an Orky hodge-podge, a messy hulk suitable for a crazy Mek.

Here are some shots (pre-green stuffing):

Next I green stuffed any major gaps, filed down (or roughned up) some edges, and started painting.

here are shots of the finished Ship:

I decided to base my Fleet on Star-Space themed bases. I used some glitter and paint for the stars. Here is a base shot:

What do think? A ship worthy of an Ork Horde?

Tuesday, 15 May 2012



So while I ponder building an ork battle fleet gothic fleet for my very own, I have been painting up a weirdboy for my 40k army. I decided to use my favourite Orc fantasy model for this since I figured his huffy hunch and staff create a moody yet mental weirdboy look...The mystic pool still needs a few more layers of water effects, but you get the idea!

Here he is:

Monday, 14 May 2012

What I look for in an opponent?

Today, while I was slowly painting up my Weirdboy, I got thinking about what I enjoy about gaming and more specifically what makes playing against some opponents more enjoyable than others. I don’t think the answer to this question is as simple as ‘some people are nice and others are jack-asses’ (but obviously it is a factor). I think three key components (which are by no means inclusive) are: a sense of humour, familiarity and compromise.

Humour:  I predominantly want to have fun when I game, sure I like winning but I certainly don’t need to win to have fun. I like gaming with people who provide a tactical challenge but don’t take the game too seriously. One thing I really enjoy is when people laugh and acknowledge when a fluke dice roll saves the day/condemns them.  There is nothing worse than throwing 10 dice, rolling only 1’s or 2’s, and your opponent responding as if that was perfectly normal, without so much as a giggle! And rolling a double 1,1 on a leadership test when that’s all that will pass always deserves a bit of banter. It is adding a sense of light-heartedness that makes my games enjoyable. Humour doesn’t necessarily effect the game result, but for me, it makes it way more enjoyable.

 Familiarity: So this is probably a personal one. I prefer to play against friends. Admittedly I have played some very fun games against strangers, or have played against someone who I barely new, only to become friends later. I would never refuse a game against someone purely because I didn’t know them, but I would probably enjoy playing that person more the second time. I personally prefer feeling comfortable with someone, knowing a bit of background about their army and learning from previous games with that person/against their list.

Compromise: Ultimately for a game to be enjoyable, the opponents have to be compatible. However, 100% compatibility is really unlikely, so as a result, we need to be able to compromise. The most obvious situation when compromise is needed is when rules are disputed, but we can also compromise over style of play and gaming attitude (toning down a competitive attitude when playing against an uncompetitive beginner, for example).

I think reflecting on what we look for in an opponent will not only make us appreciate a good opponent, but also help us become a better opponent.

So, what do you look for in an opponent?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Gorkazilla


As promised I have completed 3000 pts of my Epic Ork army, adding my unit of Flakk wagons and my Gargant (1000pts) this weekend.

I'm pretty pleased with my Gargant, The Gorkazilla, considering he's a hash of bitz and pieces.

Here he is:

Hope you like him! I'll probably wait until I play test my Epic list before adding more points. I'm not sure if I should take a little Battle Fleet Gothic break or continue with my 40k list...

More soon!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Froggaz Flakk Parade and The Gorkazilla.

Hi again!

So today I've been a busy Epic bee, and have finished painting the 11 Flakk wagons (the 12th is going to be a squiggoth) as well as building my Gargant!

I'm well on track to having my 3000 points finished during the weekend, which is good.

Here is Froggaz Flakk Parade:

And here is my hashed together Gargant, The Gorkzilla:

More soon!

Froggaz Flakk Parade WIP


I'm back from my break, which was super relaxing. Now I'm back, I can get back to blogging.

Between today and tomorrow I want to get my Epic army up to 3000pts. To do this I decided to add 12 flak wagons and a Gargant. I decided having Flakk wagons will provide some anti-aircraft as well as some modelling variety. Rather than paying for the GW/FW Flakk wagons I decided to convert the wagons I already have lying around using various orky bitz and pieces.

Here are pictures of how Froggaz Flakk Parade is coming along:

More soon!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

More Boyz for Da rankz


At the moment I've been working on my unit of shoota boyz. So far I have 10 made and primed (including a big shoota), and three painted.

Here are the two I've just finished painting:

I'm pleased with how this unit is shaping up, and making cloaks (from bandages) is way easier than I expected.

I'm also working on a Weirdboy, which is lots of fun. I'll post pictures of him ASAP.

I'm away on holiday for a week, so I won't be posting until  around the 12/05/12