Monday, 9 July 2012

Shoota Grot number 2


Here is the second Shoota grot I've finished for my grot army, enjoy:

Friday, 6 July 2012

Mega Grot


As mentioned in my previous post, to combat painting boredom, I’ve embarked upon a Grot army side project. This will allow variety and different challenges to help keep me motivated. The bonus of this project is that it fits in well with my existing Ork army, allowing me to use units straight away.

My ultimate 1,500pts Grot army will consist of:

Warboss (Mega armour, Cybork body, Bosspole and Attack squig) = 130pts
Big Mek (Kustom force field and Cybork body) = 95pts

5 x Mega Nobs Grotz (Rokkit launchaz) = 225pts
Trukk (Red paint job) = 40pts
12 x Shoota Boyz Grotz (1 x “Nob” (Powerklaw, Bosspole and ‘eavy armour) and 1x Big shoota) = 122pts
-          Trukk (Red paint job) = 40pts
11 x Shoota Boyz Grotz (1 x “Nob” (Powerklaw, Bosspole and ‘eavy armour) and 1x Big shoota) = 116pts
-          Trukk = 35pts
19 x Grotz Snotlings + Runtherder = 67pts

4 x Grot tanks (1 x kommanda and 4 x Rokkit launchaz) = 195pts
4 x Grot tanks (1 x kommanda and 4 x Grotzookaz) = 175pts

Fast attack:
Grot Mega Tank ( T.L  Big shoota, T.L Rokkit launcha, 2x Skorchaz, Rokkit launcha and Red paint job) = 125pts

Heavy support:
Killakanz ( 3x Grotzookaz) = 135pts

Once I have built and painted this core, I will start adding Deffkopters, Big Guns and maybe some buggies, since all three of these units are missing from my Ork army. I have decided to use all of the Ork codex stats, despite the models being grotz. To make this seem less ridiculous, I’ll make an effort to make the grotz look ‘arder and stronger. For example, the shoota grot I posted yesterday has spikey shoulder guards (explaining why he’s T4), and his lower BS could be explained by weapon recoil...

            When designing this list, I really tried to go for a completely different play style to my Ork list, and since a high amount of converting will be needed I wanted to keep the model count relatively low.

            Just to clarify too, I will still be continuing with my Ork army (and am in fact in the middle of painting some more camo shoota boyz to bulk that unit up to 20), but want something to do when I fancy a change.

            Here are pictures of my first Mega Grot. I used killakan bitz and scratch built the box the grot sits in. I’m pleased with how it has turned out, and look forward to building 4 more (and maybe a more elaborate 5th one for my warboss):

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Grot Army!


I have now finished +1500pts of my Ork army. I've played a few 40k armies (Nids, Tau, Space Wolves and briefly Dark Eldar...), and have found none half as fun as Orks. I enjoy the play style, the conversion potential and the character of the models. However after painting so many Orks, I feel a bit restless.

To combat this, I decided to do a side project. I wanted a side project which would allow conversions, game variety and a higher standard of painting, but not look too out of place playing along side my current army. Despite the temptation of an 'allied' force, I settled on a Grot army. I want this army to have a totally different play style and look different enough to be refreshing to build/paint while still meshing with my current army to allow me to 'mix and match' between the two.

I will post an army list later (maybe even tomorrow :), but it will include Mega grotz, killa kans, grot tanks, shoota grotz and Trukks. For now, here is my test model, a Shoota Grot:

Hope you like 'im.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Squiggoth and Killakans

Hi Everyone,

It's been a little while since I blogged about my Orks, but that doesn't mean they have been neglected! They've been getting plenty attention.

I now have well over 1500pts painted, which is superb timing given the release of 6ed (which I'll post about another time (so far, 4 games played=its awesome!)).

The newest additions are my Squiggoth and my Killakans.

My Squiggoth, named Dim, has played in 5 games so far and has never disappointed. I've been using him to ferry 10 shoota boys (inc. a big shoota and a nob with a powerklaw) into the centre of a battle or to last minute claim an objective. He's pretty robust, ace in combat and his cannon occasionally is useful. I also painted up two grot crew (also forgeworld) to place on him once the boyz have disembarked (someone needs to load the cannon!).

Enough talk, here are the pictures:

The second new addition are my killakans. I LOVE these models. I'm planning to have a lot of these, but decided to equip my firsth three with Rokkits. I also decided to convert them so you can see the controlling grotz (a common conversion, but too good to refuse :).

I've played with these in 5 games and to be honest they have been a bit rubbish. The new edition especially (2 hull points) means you just have to look at these guys and they die, but oddly I don't mind. They look awesome and if my  enemy is shooting at them, then they aren't shooting at my more powerful units.

Here are the pictures:

Forgeworld Bitz

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I posted on here. Things have been pretty hectic. I got a place on a PostGrad Nursing course, which I was extremely happy about, so have been busy filling in forms and getting sorted. I start in September, and I am really looking forward to starting!

However, I will be surviving on a pretty tiny Bursary (in a tiny room!), which has prompted me to a) get rid of some of my models and b) start taking comissions. So please feel free to get in touch if your interested.

I've put the following models on Ebay, which was a little sad, but will hopefully boost my piggie bank a bit :) (auctions end 15/07/12- UK bidders only)

Hope you enjoy the pictures:
Nurgle Daemon Prince

Nurgle Daemon Herald

Death Korps Commissar: