Thursday, 8 November 2012


I have internet again! Yurrah! Hopefully this will mean more regular blog updates again.

Once again a change from Orks I'm afraid. I am currently working on an easy company for Flames of War, but will return to my Grot tanks soon!

Today's post is of  Euryalia (from Bane Legions I think), which I painted for a friends demon army. 
 It was quite a difficult model to paint (I guess I take for granted the textures GW put on their models) but I did I really enjoyed painting it.
Here are the pictures:


Monday, 22 October 2012

Kairos Fateweaver Commission


A change from Orks! 
A friend asked me to paint Kairos Fateweaver for his demon army. 

He asked for it painted to a gaming standard (rather than going ‘all out’ on it). I really enjoyed painting it and I charged £10 :D

Here are the pictures:

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Boss Hawkfoot


Todays offering to Gork is my Warboss for my Snakebite clan, 'Boss Hawkfoot.

I enjoyed making this model, and especially giggled away at myself while fixing the squig to the back of the boar (reminds me of a dog with it's head hanging out of a car window ^_^).

Hope you like him! :

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

WIP Stompa two day challenge


So it's been a while since I last blogged. The reason for this has been a mix of moving city, no internet (still not resolved) and starting a Post Grad course...Hopefully I'll be a bit more regular from now on.

Today I thought I'd post pictures of my 40k scale Stompa- The Morkinator. The stompa isn't quite finished (I painted it in pieces and it's not all stuck together yet), and it was built and painted to this point in (a rather rushed) two days- which I'm pretty proud of! I magnitised the arms to make transporting it easier.

I wanted  my Snakebites, Grot army and Deathskulls to be represented by the colour scheme (though obviously the Deathskulls dominate). I think I'll use this colour scheme for my Grot army vehicles too, since it works quite well.

Here are the pictures:

Monday, 27 August 2012

Kommando Snakebite clan


Today I'm sharing my Kommando Snakebite unit, Boss Rookfoot's boys. The purpose of this unit was to balance the broken nature of Nob bikers (in my snakebite list), and also provide an interesting challenge to tactics.

I will be running the unit 15 strong, including the Boss Snikrot upgrade and 2x Burna boyz. I have used savage orc GW models aswell as boy bits to come up with these models.

Here are some of the models:

Boss Rookfoot (Boss Snikrot)

More soon :)

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Snakebite Clan Nob Boar Riders


I've been working on a Snakebite clan. My aims for this project are: 1) a complete contrast to my Deathskulls (both aesthetically and play style), 2) units I can mix and match with my Deathskulls and 3) an army I can play alongside my Deathskulls in larger games which will have a ‘Waaagh’-y look.

Those of you that have read my Snakebite clan fluff will have guessed that I'm going for a Nob Biker list complemented by Kommandos. However, I've decided to kit-bash to create my bikers, and have opted for boar rider proxies (using the Savage Orc GW range and Nob bitz). Minor conversion work was needed to convert the Savage Orc boys to hold the weapons and give them a '40k' look. I especially enoyed building and painting the painboy!

Overall, I’m pleased with the results. Here are pictures of my first 5 (out of a planned 14):

All 5 of the Nob Boar Riders
Painboy Boar Rider

Painboy Boar Rider side view

Nob Powerklaw Boar rider
Two Nob Big Choppa Boar Riders

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Game photos


I'm currently not in the same city as my camera (sad times), so I thought I'd upload some old pictures today.

These photos where taken during a game at Warhammer World, Nottingham. My opponent and I picked a city fight table, which I think complemented my army well.

Here are a few 'in game' shots, enjoy:

Ezwin Pommel's boyz

Deff-2 Dread-2

Urggulz grubby grotz

Mansta Stein'z Loota boyz

Snakebite clan fluff


As I work on my Snakebite clan I thought I'd write some fluff to make the force more characterful. As my force uses 'count as' models, such as boars instead of bikes and night goblins instead of gretchin, I decided to write a document to justify these changes.

My copy of the document included statistics, details of the special rules and pictures, but to prevent any copywrite infringement I removed these and uploaded the fluff only.

Here is a link to the PDF: Blackfoot Tribe

I'm ~halfway through building and painting my 1500 snakebite clan list, I'll post some photos next week :)

Friday, 17 August 2012

Jungle industrial waste terrain

Hi Everyone,

Today I decided to showcase my terrain. This terrain was lovingly handmade by myself, Mike and Nick (Edinburghs [elg] terrain specialist). We wanted terrain that was durable, cheap, fun to play games on and that would match our exisiting armies. It took us a lot of hardwork and a number of evenings after work to complete, but the finished product, in my opinion, was worth it.

The board is made up for 3 pieces of MDF that fit together to make a 6x4 foot board. All of the terrain is mounted on MDF and has been textured using sand and rubble.

Here is a picture of the board just before a battle:

My favourite piece of terrain is the ruined rhino. This provides an excellent hiding place for grotz, and also fits in well with the over grown jungle theme. Mike plays Ravenguard, so it seemed fitting the tank was painted in their colours.

I also really enjoyed painting the homemade landing pad:

A piece of terrain that required a bit of effort is the watch tower made from Aegis Defence Line bitz and Necromunda bulk heads. I also used the flat surface as an excuse for freehand:

We wanted the terrain to look industrial, while making it as cheap to make as possible. As a result, we made energy towers using old bits of pipes and hot chocolate tins (the lootaz are ready to fire!):

But to represent the fact this place is overgrown and a previous warzone we made sure to include craters and wreckage (this piece still needs water effects added):

Here is a photo of my Deffdread amongst the terrain:

And a loota hiding on a hill:

And two kit bashed lootas in front of a Aegis Defence Line mini bit of terrain:

And finally, on all of the big terrain pieces we scattered small details, to make the battlefield look more realistic and used. Here is an example:

Thats all for now, hope you've enjoyed my terrain showcase. I'm hoping to finish a Snakebite clan within the next week or so, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on that!
More soon!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Shoota Grot number 2


Here is the second Shoota grot I've finished for my grot army, enjoy:

Friday, 6 July 2012

Mega Grot


As mentioned in my previous post, to combat painting boredom, I’ve embarked upon a Grot army side project. This will allow variety and different challenges to help keep me motivated. The bonus of this project is that it fits in well with my existing Ork army, allowing me to use units straight away.

My ultimate 1,500pts Grot army will consist of:

Warboss (Mega armour, Cybork body, Bosspole and Attack squig) = 130pts
Big Mek (Kustom force field and Cybork body) = 95pts

5 x Mega Nobs Grotz (Rokkit launchaz) = 225pts
Trukk (Red paint job) = 40pts
12 x Shoota Boyz Grotz (1 x “Nob” (Powerklaw, Bosspole and ‘eavy armour) and 1x Big shoota) = 122pts
-          Trukk (Red paint job) = 40pts
11 x Shoota Boyz Grotz (1 x “Nob” (Powerklaw, Bosspole and ‘eavy armour) and 1x Big shoota) = 116pts
-          Trukk = 35pts
19 x Grotz Snotlings + Runtherder = 67pts

4 x Grot tanks (1 x kommanda and 4 x Rokkit launchaz) = 195pts
4 x Grot tanks (1 x kommanda and 4 x Grotzookaz) = 175pts

Fast attack:
Grot Mega Tank ( T.L  Big shoota, T.L Rokkit launcha, 2x Skorchaz, Rokkit launcha and Red paint job) = 125pts

Heavy support:
Killakanz ( 3x Grotzookaz) = 135pts

Once I have built and painted this core, I will start adding Deffkopters, Big Guns and maybe some buggies, since all three of these units are missing from my Ork army. I have decided to use all of the Ork codex stats, despite the models being grotz. To make this seem less ridiculous, I’ll make an effort to make the grotz look ‘arder and stronger. For example, the shoota grot I posted yesterday has spikey shoulder guards (explaining why he’s T4), and his lower BS could be explained by weapon recoil...

            When designing this list, I really tried to go for a completely different play style to my Ork list, and since a high amount of converting will be needed I wanted to keep the model count relatively low.

            Just to clarify too, I will still be continuing with my Ork army (and am in fact in the middle of painting some more camo shoota boyz to bulk that unit up to 20), but want something to do when I fancy a change.

            Here are pictures of my first Mega Grot. I used killakan bitz and scratch built the box the grot sits in. I’m pleased with how it has turned out, and look forward to building 4 more (and maybe a more elaborate 5th one for my warboss):